Conferences and Seminars


ACES Hub – Online Learning in a Post-Covid World
Paper presented to the New Zealand Ministry of Education,
Auckland, New Zealand July 30, 2020


Lloyd Reexamined: Continuing Problems in the Evidence for Early Triremes and Necho’s Fleet
Paper Presented at the Fifth Australasian Egyptology Conference
Auckland, New Zealand September 8, 2018

Corruption, Rivalry, and the Birth of Democracy: A Sociopolitical Re-examination of the Trials Following the Parian Expedition and the Battle of Arginusae
Department Seminar: University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand August 7, 2018

The Two Narratives of Themistocles: Ostracism, Bribery, and the Hero of Salamis
Paper Presented at the annual Amphorae conference
Auckland, New Zealand June 5, 2018


The Myth of Cimon’s Bridle: The Socioeconomic Conflict in the Recording of Fifth Century Naval Warfare
Paper Presented at the University of Auckland’s Day of Papers 2017
Auckland, New Zealand November 1, 2017